Do you write? Want to share with a wider number of testers? We need articles.

Article Submission Deadline for
– June 2016 Edition – 22nd June
– July 2016 Edition – 15th July
– August 2016 Edition – 10th August
– September 2016 Edition – 1st September


* All articles must be submitted using our template. Download the template – HERE

Can you write on the below topics?

Learning Testing: How to learn testing? How I learnt testing? Learning by reading or doing? Testing books to read, Book reviews, Testing Book that changed my life, What should a good testing book contain, what kind of testing book is not yet written but required.

Exploratory Testing Vs Scripted Testing: Which is better and why? Which is appropriate at what situation? Is there a middle ground, Is exploratory testing sufficient without scripted testing? How to advocate for ET in Scripted testing environment?

Test Management: Testing process management, firefighting, test team management, managing expectation, risk management, shrinking budget for testing.

Guidelines to write and submit an article to Testing Circus Magazine –

  • Write the article on the theme suggested above.
  • There is no minimum and maximum length of article. But we would like to have at least 1500 words minimum. If you feel the article is lengthy, please divide the article into logically separated parts so that we can print them in a monthly series.
  • Give a meaningful title to the article. If you want a sub-title as well , then add that in a different line.
  • Add images/pictures if necessary. If you are using any image/picture which is not your own work, please include the source. Take care of copyrighted materials. Images need to sent separately in jpg/png/bmp format with the article.
  • Send us the article in MS word (doc/docx) format only. Pdf files are not accepted. You must submit the article in the template downloadable at the bottom of this page.
  • Write a short write up on the author(s). Usually 10/12 liners in 3rd person descriptive language.
  • Include photograph of author(s). Preferred in high resolution .jpeg/.png format. Ideal size would be 450mmX 450mm. All author photos must be cropped square size.
  • You can send your article any time. If your article is based on a theme mentioned above, then send the article before the deadline. If the article is different from the theme, then your article may be included in any edition.
  • Send in your article to article ‘at‘ with a subject line “Article for Testing Circus – Your Name – Title of the article
  • If you think you can write a column in Testing Circus for at least 6 months, please submit 3 articles in advance. We are open to any idea that may improve the user experience of Testing Circus.
  • By submitting article to Testing Circus, you also agree to publish the article in our article section in this website.
  • We do not accept articles that are already published elsewhere. Send those to other publications.
  • If you have any question, please reach us using our contact form.