While so many theories abound on why “Kattappa Killed BaahuBali”, below’s my theory on the same.

Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali?

Why-Kattappa-Killed-BaahubaliBetween the war sequence and the sequence of Kattappa killing Baahubali, happened the story of “Kattappa’s Performance Appraisal” by “Baahubali”. The scene begins when Kattappa is eagerly awaiting his promotion to “Senior Warrior” position in Baahubali’s army and Baahubali hands over Kattappa’s “Performance Appraisal Document”. The document reads as below —

Dear Kattappa,

Your Appraisal Rating for this review period is — Beyond Redemption (“Does not even meet 1 goal”).

Your individual and team performance has been pathetic in the war with the Kalakeyas. The number of warriors under your command who were killed were significantly higher than the number of warriors that your teams killed in the war. When you were expected to lead your armies, you were looking so lost for the entire duration of the war. You were supposed to block the breach from happening but you let the Kalakeyas breach inside. One look at your defense team would tell you that you chose the weakest members of your army to protect the breach.  You could not even hire the right amount of strong people who could prevent the breach from happening. You did not showcase any strategic warrior kind of “warrior thinking” during the war. Your choice of weapons for the fight was far more amusing than your fighting styles. In addition to this, you did not give me any status report or progress report while they were trying to breach your defenses; you did not set up any meetings to inform stakeholders of current progress and try to get their buy-in on any war strategy while fighting with the Kalakeyas. You did not raise any replacement headcount, you did not work with our recruiting teams, you did not hire other replacement warriors and you did not train them in time to stop the breach. Your delegating skills are even so poor that you could not find anyone even to delegate. Even when I gave my motivation speech during the war, your weird facial expressions mirrored someone suffering from constipation.

Kattappa cannot believe what he’s read so far. He asks Baahubali if it is indeed “Kattappa’s appraisal document” or a “copy-paste” error. Once Baahubali confirms that it is indeed “Kattappa’s appraisal”, Kattappa reads on…

Your warrior cry does not meet the expected decibel count; even during Kreem’s amazing background score, you looked like some hero who was searching for his heroine rather than an army leader. You seem to have forgotten that you are not a hero anymore, but only a side-actor. At that point of the war, your warriors stopped having faith in you and looked up to me for direction. If you pause and look at the videos, you would observe they were looking in my direction. Your defense was so horrid that a piece of rusted wood could easily pierce your defenses. I had to return in my chariot to battle the forces and lead the teams to victory. The warriors started rallying after I returned and started fighting. It’s important that you need to know that, You, Kattappa, are not responsible, in any way, for our victory in this war. It was a result of my super-hero effort on the battlefield.

You also significantly attempted to misguide us during the war; you asked “Senthil”, our cameraman, to focus the camera on yourself when other warriors were doing better stunts. I believe you’ve even threatened him “Dei… focus the camera on me or you’ll be out of the film”. Your Peer feedback includes that you’ve been sitting on the editing table influencing “Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao” to give you more footage. You have a big stupid ego which can bring about the downfall of our army; all that ‘Sword-Swishing’ that you showed-off to ‘Aslam Khan’ meant nothing in the battlefield. Doing ‘Sword-Swishing’ against a ‘Guest Apperance’ hero and winning amounts to nothing if those actions are not reflected in the battlefield.

You have given new meaning to the phrase — ‘Being There and Doing Nothing’. Your life in ‘Reflected Glory’ is going to end. I did see you flay your arms in directions where there were no warriors; on looking closer, I found out that all your “Warrior directing moves” were actually “Swatting a poor little house-fly” on the battlefield. These actions would have actually amounted to something in the previous movie of our director (Eega), but that movie is over and done with; the profits have already been made and there are no remake plans. Your actions indicated you were trying to “audition” for any remakes of that movie rather than fighting in this film; you seem to have forgotten that “House-Fly Swatting” means nothing in this film!!!

You have also staked claim for “Man-of-the-War” rights in the war; but I have to say that “We won the war in spite of having you in our army”.”

Kattappa’s face reflected his disappointment; he was not prepared for this. He had talked with Sivagami prior to this; he had given awesome feedback for Baahubali to Sivagami. Tears swell in Kattappa’s eyes; he takes a minute to give out “weird painful reactions” and continues reading…..

Your choice of weapons was baffling to many; your horses looked grossly under-fed and even the CGI horse that you were sitting on started limping, unable to withstand your weight. Your weight goes beyond army regulations and it’s been brought to my notice that you’ve manipulated army weight regulations to allow people of your weight in the army; the warriors in your legion looked like more like relatives who had gained employment into the army due to their relationship with someone in your family. Your fighting style is non-existent. The army is not a place for you to be clowning around.

With all of the above, the right thing that should happen is your demotion to “Sub-Junior Warrior” in our army. Please return your under-fed horse, your rusted blood stained sword back to the army treasury after feeding and cleaning them respectively. Also return the “uneaten-hay-supply” and “sword-wiping-cloth” to us. Please clean up your quarters and vacate it for your replacement. Please return your uniforms to the army barracks and pick up the half-trouser uniform that’s meant for the sub-junior warriors. And last, but not least, focus on some good fighting, at least in the sequel.”

“But I’ve fought in so many wars. Does it mean anything to you?” questions Kattappa.

“All that happened before our review period; this was the only war that happened during this period and that’s all we will use for evaluation”, retorts Baahubali.

Kattappa is now angry; his eyes return to the last section of the appraisal document.

We all learn from our mistakes. But you were doing the same mistake in the morning show, matinee show, evening show and night show; I patiently waited for you to correct your mistakes, but you repeated the same mistakes in the dubbed versions and even in every pirated video format of Baahubali. Not learning from mistakes of the past is unpardonable, in my opinion!!!

Based on the above, your application for “Senior Warrior” is rejected for the rest of your life.”

Kattappa is unable to take this anymore; Kattappa’s hands find his sword, they raise against Baahubali and darkness engulfs the scene; the only sound heard is “Chathak; Chathak”.

Now that you know why Kattappa killed Baahubali, you can thank me for it; however, if you still don’t believe me, go ahead and watch “Baahubali part 2” to find out for yourself when it releases!!!

https://i0.wp.com/www.testingcircus.com/wp-content/uploads/Why-Kattappa-Killed-Baahubali.jpg?fit=600%2C337&ssl=1https://i0.wp.com/www.testingcircus.com/wp-content/uploads/Why-Kattappa-Killed-Baahubali.jpg?resize=150%2C150&ssl=1Fake Software TesterA Fake Tester's DiaryFake Tester,Fake Tester's DiaryWhile so many theories abound on why “Kattappa Killed BaahuBali”, below’s my theory on the same. Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali? Between the war sequence and the sequence of Kattappa killing Baahubali, happened the story of “Kattappa’s Performance Appraisal” by “Baahubali”. The scene begins when Kattappa is eagerly awaiting his promotion to...
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