How to Register and Use Testing Circus Community Site

With Testing Circus’ new Community site you will be able to connect with other testers, join special interest groups, discussing using our forum feature, read articles and download our monthly magazine without any hassle.



1. How to Register in new community site?
● Navigate to My Testing Circus > Register from the main Menu and register with your information. If you have account, use the same email id during registration in Testing Circus.
● After the registration, you will get an activation link to complete the registration.
● Once you activate your account, LOGIN to the site at least once using the navigation My Testing Circus > Login Or from the login widget from any page side bar.

2. I do not see myself in the member section of the site.
We list active members only. You will need to login at least once to the site after registration. If you do not login at least once, we will not display your profile in the member section.

3. How to do I change the default profile picture?
By default you will have a random profile picture, if you do not have gravatar account with the same email id. If you want to change the default profile picture, create a account with the same email which you used in Tetsing Circus. Upload own picture in We will sync the profile picture from gravatar automatically.

Remember –
● Your login id is the user name you created during the registration (not email id)
● If you do not login at least once to the site, we will not show you as member in member section.
● To change profile picture, upload your own picture in

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If you have any questions/suggestions, feel free to contact us.