Your donation = Continued Testing Circus publication.

You’re seeing this on our site, as part of the fund raising for Testing Circus Magazine.  But what do our dollars, donated through this campaign, really do and why we require a donation?

  • We are a free magazine, continuously publishing monthly editions since September 2010.
  • Publishing a monthly magazine is a tough activity without any full time person working for the magazine.
  • We all are volunteers who want to contribute to the testing community.
  • Volunteers pay the cost of design, publication and hosting of this site.
  • We also run periodic competition and take part in testing conference sponsorship.
  • We distribute free books/sponsor ebooks/give free training to budding testers.
  • Testing Circus is a magazine by the testers, for the testers.

We encourage each of you to think about the value we are giving back to the testing community by publishing this magazine. We want you to be a part of this journey. Your support will help us serve the testing community in a better, efficient manner.

You can help us by donating a small amount of your choice. Thank you for your generous support.

~Ajoy Singha