CAST 2013 Videos

CAST 2013 Keynote – “A House Divided: Lessons Learned from Argument” by Jon Bach

CAST 2013 Keynote – “Introspective Retrospectives: Lessons Learned and Re-Learned” by Dawn Haynes

Session talk by Brian Demers and Paul Holland at CAST 2013 – “Transforming an entire corporate testing organization”

Session talk by Ilari Henrik Aegerter at CAST 2013 – “Utter failures and lessons remained unlearned”

Session talk by Michael Larsen at CAST 2013 – “Teaching the Next Generation Developing the SummerQAmp Curriculum”

Session talk by Geordie Keitt at CAST 2013 – “Tailoring Your Testing Timespan”

Session talk by Griffin Jones at CAST 2013 – “What is good evidence”

Session talk by Manuel Mattke and Dee Ann Pizzica at CAST 2013 – “Relationship Woes Trials of Testers & CEOs”

Session talk by Markus Gärtner at CAST 2013 – “Lessons Learned since the Four Schools”

CAST 2013 Closing – “Lessons Learned at CAST” by Scott Barber and Robert Sabourin