Last Monday, when I glanced @ my watch, the time read 2:24 PM.

Flashback to 2 minutes earlier.

Dang… I was late for a meeting. The meeting had started at 2.30. I was busy doing nothing (Aren’t we all) and missed the meeting. Well, actually I dozed off and did not see the meeting invite pop-up. I woke up with a start at 2.32. Saw a “Where are you” note from Delspe on my machine? Looking at me dashing out, I am sure folks around me thought that there was a fire (or maybe they thought that my pants were on fire!)

Where was Conference Room 101C? I wondered has to be in the basement. With my office on the 4th floor, I did not want to risk waiting for the elevator. I dashed down. 2nd floor arrived and it was 2.33 PM.
To speed up, my speed went to 3 steps at a time.

Fast Forward to the present.

Ground floor. Huff puff finally! And I started searching. There was parking, and there were the cab rooms. There was the receptionist who was talking in a low tone into her phone (as she does always) and there was a room for the security folks and drivers, who were busy playing cards. But no, I could not find out 101C.

I prayed. “God, please help me!”

And then I saw the room. Yes, there it was… hidden behind 1 of the huge trees that was planned for the “go green” initiative. Phew, finally!

I phrased my apology note in my mind and slowly opened the door. The light was switched off and the room was empty. I realized that I’d never seen this room before. Before I could step out, something pulled me inside. I went in and switched on the lights.

This room was dusty and cobwebs. That’s when I realized that this room was unused in a very long time. This room had been forgotten by most of us. Until I stumbled into it, I never realized it existed. And beneath those cobwebs, like from the treasure-hunt movies, there was a “treasure”. Yes, an intellectual treasure! Wow. Why did I not see this earlier? I looked into some of the treasure trove and some more. Wow the stuff was great. It was a “confluence of intellectual artistry”!

I spent 3 hours there and returned with a dust allergy. And of course, a flame email from Delspe.  But, I really did not care.

Hmm… wondering what I saw? I stumbled into our company’s library. And found some extraordinary books which I referred to as the “treasure trove”. The fact that you are reading this magazine means that you like reading; it also means that perhaps your company has a library; and do you realize how many UNREAD BOOKS are in the library?

Well, why not read them? Why not cut down 30 mins of facebook time and spend 30 mins on reading a book? Why not make it a mandate for employees to read books, instead of mandating them to clear certifications? Why don’t we have a “book reading” time, similar to lunch time and coffee breaks on a daily basis? Well, you’ve heard this before. If only wishes were horses you know the rest!

Anyway, I don’t know if I got the message across, but what I wanted to say was. Your company has a library. Use it. REGULARLY! And now that you’ve realized that your company has a library, why don’t you go inside it, next time you pass by it? Spend 10 mins inside and I guess you’d want to spend the next hour inside too!


Fake Software TesterA Fake Tester's DiaryFake Tester,Fake Tester's DiaryLast Monday, when I glanced @ my watch, the time read 2:24 PM. Flashback to 2 minutes earlier. Dang... I was late for a meeting. The meeting had started at 2.30. I was busy doing nothing (Aren’t we all) and missed the meeting. Well, actually I dozed off and did not...
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