In this edition you will read the following topics –

  • Fake Tester’s Diary by a Fake Software Tester
  • Experiences & tips related to Passwords by Santhosh Tuppad
  • It is tough being a tester by Nandagopal R
  • Testing Process – Not from CMMi or 6 Sigma by Ankur Datta
  • Living Documentation: A Real-Life Example by Lisa Crispin
  • Puzzles by Blindu Eusebiu
  • Testers to Follow in Twitter
  • Android Screenshot Capture Tool by Gagan Talwar
  • QTP Code Corner by Jaijeet Pandey
  • Regression Risk-Based Testing by Bernice Niel Ruhland
  • Interview with Griffin Jones
  • Software Testing News
  • Test Events for September
  • Promoting Software Testing in Your Organization by Rob van Steenbergen


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Ajoy is the founder and editor of Testing Circus magazine which is read and subscribed by thousands of professional testers around the world. He is associated with various testing forums such as NCR Testers Monthly Meet as a founding member. Follow Ajoy on Twitter.
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